Margot Robbie to survive the apocalypse in Z for Zachariah

It was way back in May of 2013 when we learned that Robert C. O'Brien's Z FOR ZACHARIAH would be getting the big-screen treatment with Chris Pine and Chiwetel Ejiofor set to star in the post-apocalyptic thriller to be directed by Craig Zobel (COMPLIANCE) from a script penned by Nissar Modi. Today we have another name to add to the ever-growing cast.

THR is reporting that WOLF OF WALL STREET hottie Margot Robbie is in negotiations to star in Z FOR ZACHARIAH, replacing the previously announced Amanda Seyfried who was originally set to star in the adaptation as Ann Burden, a teen who is seemingly the sole survivor of a nuclear war (she dropped out due to scheduling issues). Should Robbie sign, the character will be aged up a bit.

Z for Zachariah is a psychological thriller, set after an apocalyptic event, that centers on a teenaged girl (Seyfried) who is seemingly the sole survivor until a scientist (Ejiofor) finds her farm, and the two fall in love. Another survivor, a young man (Pine), surfaces, complicating matters.

This isn't the first time Z FOR ZACHARIAH has been brought to life onscreen. In February 1984, the BBC presented a film adaptation for its "Play for Today" series, in which the setting was changed from America to Wales.

The film was originally scheduled to begin production last August but has been pushed back to a 2014 start date. We'll keep you updated on news regarding Z FOR ZACHARIAH as we hear it.

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Source: THR



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