Marilyn Ghigliotti ascends Murder Hill for Awesome Monkey Productions

Marilyn Ghigliotti

Best known for enduring a tumultuous relationship with a New Jersey convenience store clerk in Kevin Smith's CLERKS, actress Marilyn Ghigliotti will soon be experiencing some horrific events in New York when director Claude Bauschinger's MURDER HILL goes into production.

Set to be shot on location in Rome, New York, MURDER HILL is 

loosely based on a combination of different murders that have taken place in Rome, NY since the 1970s.

Ghigliotti's co-stars will include Tom Proctor and Basil Hoffman.

Written by Mark and Anna Casadei, who will also be producing through their company Awesome Monkey Productions, MURDER HILL will be the first movie to be filmed in Rome since THE STERILE CUCKOO in 1969. Their goal is to get more companies, and hopefully the big studios, interested in bringing their productions to the city.

I'm intrigued to see how this one will turn out. I like its tagline, "Everyone hears you scream. No one cares."

Murder Hill

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