Marvel's Venom being rewritten by the screenwriter of 50 Shades of Grey

Yes, you read that headline correctly. And, no, this isn't a prank. At least not that I'm aware of.

It was just the other day we let you guys know that casting is underway for The Bride of Venom (rundown below) in the new Tom Hardy Marvel flick and today we have some very interesting news.

Turns out that Kelly Marcel has just been hired to write the newest draft of VENOM. And Marcel for those who might not know is the screenwriter behind the adaptation of 50 SHADES OF GREY. True story.

The news comes to us via a tweet from Variety Film Reporter Justin Kroll:

Now it goes without saying I have nothing against Marcel. Even if she did write 50 SHADES OF GREY. I can only imagine that made her a ton of cash. And I think by now we've learned we can trust Marvel.

Or can we?

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Bride of Venom character rundown:

Ann Weying is a lawyer and Eddie Brock aka Venom's ex-wife. She became a temporary host for the symbiote at one point after being shot by some dude named Sin-Eater. Her life was, however, saved by the symbiote, but it set off a series of events that lead to her depression and suicide.

Venom is written by Scott Rosenberg & Jeff Pinkner (and Kelly Marcel) and directed by Ruben Fleischer. The film currently stars Tom Hardy, Michelle Williams, Riz Ahmed and Jenny Slate.

VENOM hits theaters Oct. 5, 2018.

Bad. Ass.

Extra Tidbit: Watch her kill it. In a good way.
Source: Twitter

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