Michelle Williams may be the Bride of Venom in new Tom Hardy movie

A few months back we shared the news (rumor) that the upcoming Tom Hardy starring, R-rated VENOM movie may include the Bride of Venom and if this is true, then we may know who will play said Bride.

Turns out the top name for The Bride of Venom is Michelle Williams.

One interesting note from the article this was announced in is that while the movie currently has no plot information, the flick is set to be "Spider-Man-centric, but won’t be related to the Spider-Man cinematic universe, which includes the recent Sony/Marvel Studios collaboration Spider-Man: Homecoming."

Whatever the hell that means.

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Bride of Venom character rundown:

Ann Weying is a lawyer and Eddie Brock aka Venom's ex-wife. She became a temporary host for the symbiote at one point after being shot by some dude named Sin-Eater. Her life was, however, saved by the symbiote, but it set off a series of events that lead to her depression and suicide.

VENOM is currently shooting in Atlanta, GA.

Extra Tidbit: I'd rather ALLISON Williams play The Bride of Venom, but that's just me.
Source: Deadline



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