Masters of the Universe reboot gets a director

It has been a while since we've heard any news on Universal's planned reboot of HE-MAN and MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE. In fact, the last news we got was back in April when we let you know that the film was given a release date for December of 2019.

Today we have news the film scored director in David S. Goyer, who is a name you know (mostly) as a writer of such films as Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT trilogy and the BLADE trilogy. 

In that post from April, we let you guys know that Goyer was hired to take over scripting duties on the reboot so I guess it seems he did such a knock-up job the studio promoted him to head helmer as well.

Good for him.

Personally, I was hoping for a director with more of a light-hearted touch. Not to make a straight-up comedy, but to embrace a bit of the camp that comes along with the property. Actually, this would have been a great project to hand to RKSS aka the filmmakers behind TURBO KID.

How do you feel about David S. Goyer directing the MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE reboot? Make sure to hit us up and let us know in the comments below or on social media!

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE (1987) synopsis:

When the evil Skeletor (Frank Langella) finds a mysterious power called the Cosmic Key, he becomes nearly invincible. However, courageous warrior He-Man (Dolph Lundgren) locates inventor Gwildor (Billy Barty), who created the Key and has another version of it. During a battle, one of the Keys is transported to Earth, where it is found by teenagers Julie (Courteney Cox) and Kevin (Robert Duncan McNeill). Now both He-Man and Skeletor's forces arrive on Earth searching for the potent weapon.

MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE is set for December 18, 2019.

Extra Tidbit: That foreign poster above is beyond badass.
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