Matthew Fox, Jeffrey Donovan to star in post-apocalyptic horror Welcome to Harmony

It has been quite some time since we last heard any word on WELCOME TO HARMONY, the Jaume Collet-Serra-produced post-apocalyptic horror film which serves as the English-language debut of Spanish director Miguel Angel Vivas, who brought us 2010's excellent KIDNAPPED. It was back in February of 2011 when we first heard word on the film, which is based on Juan de Dios Garduno’s bestselling book “Y pese a todo”, later learning that Collet-Serra had come onboard to produce a few months later. In the two years since those announcements it has been rather quiet on the WELCOME TO HARMONY front, but today all of that changes as we now have our first bit of casting news.

The Wrap is reporting that "Burn Notice" star Jeffrey Donovan and "Lost"'s Matthew Fox are both onboard to star in the film which begins production in Eastern Europe in February.

The story follows two men and a young girl living in a remote village who remain untouched by a worldwide infection that turns survivors into beasts. 

Donovan is in negotiations to play the young girl’s father, while Fox is set to play the other lead.

Vivas has described the story as '28 DAYS LATER meets a John Carpenter movie meets [John Boorman's] HELL IN THE PACIFIC' - an interesting mix, indeed.

Source: The Wrap



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