Michael Biehn to topline vampire thriller The Eternal

The worldwide rights to the upcoming horror/action film THE ETERNAL were recently acquired by Canadian genre outfit Raven Banner Entertainment. The film, co-written and to be directed by Justin McConnell (THE COLLAPSED), will star Michael Biehn and Adam Kenneth Wilson.

We've got a promo poster and a bloody still from the film to show you, as well as some insight into the plot.

Samuel Gradius, a 500-year-old vampire, has lived far too long, and wants to die. Not content with simple suicide, he decides to go out in the ways of old, in battle. Entrenched in a vicious mob-run city, he sets out to challenge the descendants of the great warriors he has faced in his past, in hopes of finding someone worthy.

Biehn had this to say about the script: “When I first read the script it reminded me of early James Cameron, and I knew I had to do the film. I’m really looking forward to working with Justin. It’s going to be a fun movie.“

Coming from Biehn, those are some heavy-hitting words. Let's see if McConnell and Co. can live up to them. THE ETERNAL begins shooting in the spring. Check out THE ETERNAL's official site for more.

Extra Tidbit: What's your favorite Michael Biehn movie NOT directed by James Cameron?



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