Mick Garris's new podcast Post Mortem is a must-subscribe for horror fans

WTFu*k?? Podcasts aren't news!

You're (mostly) right. Hell, if we covered HALF of the new podcasts coming out, that is all we would cover. But seriously, does everyone have a podcast now-a-days? Yes. The answer is yes. They do.

Anyhow, most podcasts are not news-worthy. But when it comes from Mick Garris, and he starts things off by interviewing Rob Zombie for Ep. 1 and Stuart Gordon for Ep. 2, you know he is, once again, on the right track. If anyone knows what horror fans want, it is horror fan #1 Mick Garris.

Garris is best known for his numerous Stephen King adaptations and creating MASTERS OF HORROR for Showtime. On POST MORTEM, he "dives deep into the minds of the greatest filmmakers and creators of your worst nightmares to bring their distinctive visions to life in fascinating one-on-one conversations every other week."

Upcoming guests include Eli Roth, Don Coscarelli, Joe Dante, Karyn Kusama, John Landis, Jovanka Vuckovic, and many more, with new shows every other Wednesday.

In short, this is a podcast every horror fan should subscribe to. I've already listen to the premiere Rob Zombie episode and it is a keeper. One full hour of Mick and Rob talking horror-shop. It doesn't get much better than that.

You can listen to POST MORTEM on Podcast One HERE. Or on iTunes right HERE.

Extra Tidbit: Mick Garris co-wrote HOCUS POCUS. That's awesome.
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