Mila Kunis goes to Hell & Back in Nick Swardson stop-motion horror-comedy

I mean, if we're running FUN SUZE, we have to do the same for HELL & BACK right? Right?

Time will tell how apt the title is for these parts, but if this next bit of news is any indication, we may just want to see the shite on general principle. You see, after a handful of funny-men joined Nick Swardson in the R-rated stop-motion flick in January, a hell of a female voice talent has just climbed on ship...

Deadline has it that Mila Kunis (pictured) has been cast in HELL & BACK, set to play a female demon whose ability to navigate the underworld makes her the toughest rogue demon in Hell. Her independent streak comes from the fact she’s half human.

This one sounds like it's going to be pretty fun.

Story revolves around two best friends who must rescue their buddy when he's accidentally dragged to hell.

Let's not forget how skilled Kunis is on a mic, having done how many episodes of "Family Guy," not to mention "King of the Hill" and "Robot Chicken"? I can only imagine what voices she springs in bed. Whoa...is that wrong?

Rob Riggle, T.J. Miller, Brian Posehn, Kumail Nanjiani and Maria Bamford are also poised to go to HELL & BACK, likely in 2013.

Extra Tidbit: Mila Kunis: better on or off-screen actress?
Source: Deadline



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