Milla Jovovich seems to think we'll see Resident Evil 6 in 2015

Back in March we shared the news that Paul W.S. Anderson was returning to direct Milla Jovovich for the sixth entry in the RESIDENT EVIL franchise, with the plan to have it in theaters in September of 2014. In the meantime Anderson is embarking on a film called POMPEII this year which is due to open February 12, 2014, which may interfere with getting RESIDENT EVIL 6 in front of the cameras in time to meet their September 2014 release. Now Jovovich has taken to Twitter to answer a fans question about when we may be seeing the next entry in the long-running franchise, and the answer isn't all that surprising.

Seeing as how Jovovich is right there with Anderson during the creative process of these films (she's his wife, that lucky devil!), she would know best when it comes to when we'll actually see the next sequel made.  Unless, of course, Anderson gets ambitious, shoots something and blasts through post-production to make Sony's proposed date.

We'll keep you posted on news regarding RESIDENT EVIL 6 as we hear it!

Extra Tidbit: Are you up for another RESIDENT EVIL film or have you grown bored with the franchise?



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