Millennium/Nu Image tap director for vampire-in-jungle spec script The Rising

I just got finished giving you all an update on one vampire flick heading our way and now here I am to drop some details on a brand new one! Can never have enough vampire flicks, right?

The project I'm getting at is something called THE RISING and is coming at us courtesy of Millennium Films and Nu Image. French helmer Alain DesRochers has already been tapped to direct THE RISING, which will be penned by Paul Sloan.

While Millennium/Nu Image's pick-up of the spec script came last year, Mr. DesRochers is just now signing on according to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog. Now you're probably not familiar with much of the director's work but apparently his flick NITRO (below) was a pretty big deal in the French-Canadian community. I can see why!

As far as THE RISING goes, Richard Salvatore and Bryan Brucks will be producing the flick, which reads a little something like this:

The script is described as having been inspired by pulp heroes Doc Savage and Tarzan and revolves around a team of mercenaries whose search for a missing person in the jungles of Cambodia becomes a descent into the heart of darkness as they confront the dark force of a vampire.

The jungle-themed vampire flick is expected to start casting soon, and once it does you can bet we'll be right here to tell you all about it.

Extra Tidbit: Anyone ever check out Brian Keene's zombie novel THE RISING? When are we seeing an adaptation of that?!
Source: Heat Vision



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