Mobile Horror App Reviews: House of the Dead, Please Stay Calm, Zombie Invasion

Gamers on the go I welcome you to another round of the Mobile Horror App Reviews! This month around we have a range of games to go over. A console port that quite a few gamers should recognize, a new (to Android at least) location based game that pits you against the undead wherever you may be and was a smash hit on iOS, and an Android exclusive point and click puzzle game! The one thing they all have in common this week? We're full up on zombies as the undead seem to be crawling out of the woodwork to infect your phones and tablets! Note: All games are tested on one or more of the following devices: iPhone 4S, Samsung Galaxy S3, iPad2, Nexus 10.

Game Description: With The House of the Dead: Overkill - The Lost Reels, Sega brings us one of the longest titles for a video game to hit the mobile markets. The House of the Dead game series has always been a blast. While I historically have preferred the arcade version to the console ports that all changed when Overkill came out. I honestly just couldn't get enough of one of the most fun on rails shooters that had come out. In The Lost Reels we get to join the original cast of 4 from Overkill as we continue on their adventures. Sure the idea sounds a bit found footage in plot but hey – if you are a fan of the series you will love this as much as you did Overkill!

Review: Well first off I’m going to start by saying that With The House of the Dead: Overkill - The Lost Reels (which I will refer to as Overkill for the rest of the review) is not a children’s game. It’s a pure on 70’s exploitation B-movie wrapped in a video game package and delivered in mobile form for you to enjoy. Honestly the feel of the game is so fun I WISH they’d make a movie based off of this one (as long as they didn’t hand the rights to a certain game to movie butcher.) The graphics might be slightly clunky for your modern day shooter, even for a mobile shooter, but that’s OK! While this may not be the best looking of the shooters that are out there it really is going to be one of the most fun.

On the control end of things they don’t use a straight tap to shoot function as many of the current shooters are doing. They have an interesting way of trying to emulate the light gun experience with you aiming with one hand while shooting and reloading from buttons on the right side of the screen with the other. It takes a minute to get used to but once you do it’s pretty straight forward and I highly suggest figuring out head shots early on as zombies truly turn into hordes in later levels!

The music and sounds work well to pull you into the humorous elements of the game and keep you focused on the action. As you play through you do earn the in-game currency, kash, from successful play throughs and from shooting piles of it hidden throughout the level. Typical light gun game behavior there though as it’s a mobile game you can of course buy kash using real cash. This can be slightly annoying as the game gets near the end. Overall this is an extremely fun game and if you like this kind of game one you should absolutely keep your eyes open for!

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Game Description: In 'Please Stay Calm' we have a re-release of an iOS title that has just hit the Android market for the first time. This one I was quite happy to review as I was a huge fan of 'Please Stay Calm' from when it was first released so I had a lot of experience (and high expectations) on how this one was going to end up. 'Please Stay Calm' is a location based multiplayer survival game. All of the action that happens in game entirely depends on where you are at any given time. It’s extra fun for anyone who uses it while on a walk, run, or commute (where you aren't driving of course.) Zombies have spread across the globe and it’s your job to either run from them or fight them depending on the situation.

Review: I've been playing Please Stay Calm since it was released on the iOS and have been happily gobbling it up with the new Android release. The concept of the game is simple – the zombie apocalypse has happened and you are trying to stay alive. The interesting part though is that it’s also a MMO that’s set in the real world based off of your location via a combination of your phone’s GPS and Four Square. This game is played to its full potential by people who are moving around a lot during the day either for exercise or commuting to and from work. After that how you play the game is completely up to you. You will always be scavenging supplies but if you want to work with or against others is completely optional. From a graphical viewpoint it really does look great with a crisp minimalistic style even when it's clearly not a game designed for you to look at the minute details. Sound wise it's very quiet which fits as you are trying to stay away from the undead that roam the Earth. As the entire game is based of off of GPS and Four Square you will for the most part be actually playing in real locations around you.

The game itself is all based on a point system. Stamina for healing and fighting, action points for scavenging, hunting, and health. Hunting is going to be your highpoint on the game for zombie hunters out there as there is never a short supply of zombies to deal with. When you are attacking them it is turn based and you go between picking one of your weapons to the zombie's attack in a classic RPG style. You can also fight with other players so make sure when you are taking an extended break from the game to leave some defenses so you don't come back to having been brutally attacked. Aside from this Scavenging is a mini-game which is to move a flashlight as you search for things around the screen and avoid the zombies.

When you are looking for items the entire system is based off of cash, supplies, and credits. Cash and supplies are earned how you would expect to in a game like this which is by hunting and scavenging. The credits are earned a little differently and it's through a combination of either using real money to purchase them or by downloading games they are trying to get you to play or by watching commercials which is an interesting 2 sets of concepts. If you are in for a game that allows you high playtimes that changes based upon where you are at any given moment this one is a must download!

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Game Description: Zombie Invasion : T-Virus is currently an Android exclusive and a free to play one at that. You play in the roll of a retired special ops soldier who really just wants to live a peaceful life. Of course if that's your goal you know that you are going to get dragged into a mess of epic proportions (it's just what happens in these scenarios.) This time? A madman named Professor Morgan has created a virus which reanimated the dead. You are of course the only hope that anyone on the planet has in order to recover the anti-virus to this plague and save everyone on the planet! At this time the outbreak is confined to a single building and it's your job to infiltrate it and recover the anti-virus before it's too late.

Review: This is a game for the classic point and click lovers out there. As someone who grew up playing a ton of them that were released through the 90's I was both excited and apprehensive about installing this one and fortunately for me excited was the right feeling. The game opens in a hallway covered in blood. Clearly, another game not for the kids out there.

The gameplay itself is extremely straight forward if you are familiar with point and click puzzle games. You want to move somewhere on the screen and you tap on it, you want to pick up an item you tap on it, you want to attack a zombie? You click on your weapon and click on the zombie. The zombie attacks are a bit slower than they should be almost completely removing the danger of being taken down by one.

My complaints are that the game is extremely linear and a little on the short side. The point and click games I grew up on gave you a large area to explore. I understand the constraints of a free title but I felt it was too small of an area to work around. While some of it was often locked out until you found out how to open it you would have to backtrack. Also with only having one route to take the replay value is lowered as you'll already know what to expect and how to beat the puzzles. While the game lacks in replay value and high quality visuals it IS fun for a single play through and at the price of free it's hard to argue picking this one up.
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