MTV offers a preview of what's coming this season on Scream: The TV Series

I really want to watch SCREAM: THE TV SERIES, which had its premiere on MTV last night. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to wait a while, as I currently find myself in a place with no MTV and limited internet.

To entice those of you who can catch the episodes as they air, the network has released a lengthy new spot that gives an idea of what's in store for the characters as a slasher stalks their town over the course of the first season's remaining nine episodes. You won't be surprised that it largely consists of people running, screaming, crying, receiving threatening phone calls, and of course, turning up dead. As one character says, "Murder is like potato chips, you can't just stop with one."

SCREAM: THE TV SERIES will continue airing Tuesday nights on MTV. If you watched the pilot last night, what did you think? Is the show itself like potato chips, or will you be stopping after just one episode?

Extra Tidbit: How does the preview look to you?
Source: YouTube



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