MTV orders R.L. Stine's Eye Candy to series

Back in September of last year we told you about MTV's plans to bring R.L. Stine's "Eye Candy" to the network with Jason Blum's Blumhouse Productions onboard to executive produce and TWILIGHT helmer Catherine Hardwicke directing. We later learned that Victoria Justice (who is eye candy herself!) signed on to star in the project in the role of Lindy, a beautiful but reclusive hacker who finds herself in danger from a murderous cyberstalker. Apparently MTV has dug what they've seen so far as Variety is reporting that MTV has handed a 10-episode order to "Eye Candy".

MTV has yet to set a premiere date for the series, but we'll keep an ear to the ground for news regarding when "Eye Candy" will be coming our way.

Emmy Grinwis penned the pilot for “Eye Candy" which is about...

...a beautiful but reclusive hacker whose blog exposes everything from terrorist plots to suspected killers. Convinced by her roommate to begin online dating, Lindy (Justice) is targeted by a dangerous cyberstalker and believes one of her suitors to be the culprit. When things take a deadly turn, she teams up with the city’s cyber-crime unit to catch the killer.”

Hopefully MTV, a channel that, according to legend, actually used to play music videos, will allow Blum and company to go very dark with "Eye Candy". The cable giant is no stranger to horror, having delivered the decent horror outings MY SUPER PSYCHO SWEET 16 and its sequel (as well as making plans to bring a SCREAM series to its line-up) so let's hope "Eye Candy" ends up being worth checking out. 

Extra Tidbit: Do you have any interest in "Eye Candy" at all?
Source: Variety



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