Necessary Evil: Nightmare on Elm Street with Kevin Bacon!

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Hello, my horror hounds and welcome back to the scary that is necessary! It's nice to see you. Got a lot of interesting and cool feedback with our last Necessary Evil Horror Suicide Squad! I had fun reading all the comments, both good and bad. Today's Necessary Evil was inspired from the very recent trending topic of Mr. Kevin Bacon throwing his hat in the ring on Twitter as willing to take on the iconic role of Freddy Krueger if a new Nightmare on Elm Street film ever gets made! Personally, I'm in agreement with the majority of fans that this would be a FANTASTIC idea! Now, all Mr. Bacon needs is a movie to slip on that claw glove. Well, let's give him one!

IDEA: A new Nightmare on Elm Street movie that would fit Kevin Bacon as Freddy like a glove (see what I did there?)!

OUTLINE: Since the crappy 2010 remake restarted the franchise on the wrong foot, we have to come up with a new and creative way to revive Mr. Krueger and his famous street. Also, with the great Kevin Bacon showing interest, I say it is important to fully utilize what having an actor like him could bring to the role of Freddy. With that in mind, this new film opens with a slightly new backstory for our main villain. Freddy Krueger is a successful businessman who runs a high-end construction company (and loves the colors green and red when accessorizing). Bacon has the good looks and charisma that would enable him to pull off such a figure. Of course, he has a dark side...

Yes, our "Bacon Freddy" still lures young adults to their demise, only mostly females. He uses his good looks as a weapon, often telling the girls that he's the "man of their dreams". Similar to what Ted Bundy did. "Bacon Freddy" owns a large home located within one of his new developments in Springwood, Ohio. After a string of young adult murders, he ends up getting caught and turned in to the police by his secretary, Marge Thompson. However, because of his wealth, "Bacon Freddy" hires top attorneys that end up getting him off on a technicality. That is when the parents of Springwood turn to mob justice. They barricade "Bacon Freddy" in his large home and set it ablaze. He is burned alive as the fire spreads through his development. Only ashes remain.

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com horror movie freddy krueger kevin bacon a nightmare on elm street dream killer

Fifteen years later, Springwood has supposedly moved on. Teenagers Nancy and Tina are having a sleepover. Tina sleepwalks and ends up out in the street where she is met by a man with a badly burned face, a brown, concealing hat, a red and green striped sweater and a glove made of sharpened, construction tools. Her eyes open and she is chased by the man. She runs back to her home, but he follows her there and slices her up! Nancy wakes up the next morning to find Tina in bed covered in blood... but not dead! Tina is screaming in pain and keeps yelling about a man she saw in a dream. She is taken to the hospital. Nancy is taken in by Lieutenant Donald (her father and Marge's ex-husband) for questioning and is quickly cleared of any possible charges. She tells the cops as well as her mother, Marge, about the man Tina described in her dream. No one thinks anything of it. After the long day, Nancy is overtired and is falling asleep waiting in the car for her mother who is still speaking with her father. Suddenly a claw glove hits the windshield, rattling her back to reality. She looks around, but sees nothing.

Nancy, her boyfriend, Glen, and their mutual friend, Rod, visit Tina at the hospital. Tina tells them how she now has trouble going to sleep for fear of the man from her dream. She describes the man in more detail: the sweater, the claw glove, etc. That night, Glen is sleeping in his bed when the sheets begin to lift up. He opens his eyes to see the man of his dreams. Before he can scream, Freddy slashes him in the neck and proceeds to tear him to shreds. The death of her boyfriend truly freaks Nancy out. She confides in Marge, telling her about the man in the green and red striped sweater that Tina described. This causes Marge to recall her former employer. She tells Nancy about him and how he is dead and there is nothing to fear. This new info propels Nancy to begin looking for answers. With the help of Rod, she begins researching on all things Freddy Krueger. They learn that after the fire, police found evidence in the basement that tied him to a black-magic type of cult with a focus on dream demons. They also find out that their homes on Elm Street were constructed over the grounds of Freddy's burned-down development!

When Nancy and Rod confront Marge with their newfound knowledge, she gets very upset and refuses to believe them. Even Lt. Donald has trouble understanding what his daughter tells him. So Nancy and Rod take it upon themselves. They research more into the black magic lore and learn about trapping a dream demon and dragging it into the real world where it can then be killed. All while doing this, they are loading up on all forms of caffeine in order to stay awake. They enter Glen's now-vacant, police-tape-covered house because it stands where Freddy's old house used to be and will increase their chances of locating the dream demon. The plan is for Rod to fall asleep and hopefully grab Freddy while Nancy stays awake to keep watch.

Rod easily falls asleep. Nancy texts her father to let him know what she is doing, just in case. Suddenly, a dark figure appears before her and stabs his claw glove down into Rod's sleeping frame! Stunned, Nancy begins backing away, saying, "But I'm the one awake! I'm the one awake!" Freddy grins and replies, "Yes, Nancy, you are. Time to meet the man of your dreams!" He chases her all over the house and finally corners her in the basement next to the boiler. This is where Freddy reveals that he is NOT dead! He actually escaped the fire from 15 years ago and used his money and connections to be taken to a far-off hospital where he was placed in a medically-induced coma. It took a long time, but he is finally back on his burnt feet and ready to seek revenge for all those that did him wrong and built Elm Street! Just as he raises his glove over Nancy, a barrage of bullets burst forth from his chest. Lt. Donald made it into the basement just in time. With Freddy now truly dead, Nancy goes home and snuggles up in bed. She can finally relax... until a claw glove explodes up from the sheets between her legs! Nancy opens her eyes to find Freddy floating over her as he says, "Now, I really AM the man of your dreams, bitch!"

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com horror movie freddy krueger kevin bacon a nightmare on elm street dream killer

WHY IT COULD WORK: Let's be honest, the real reason this would work is Kevin Bacon! The huge outpouring of positivity centering on his willingness to take on the part clearly shows that people are willing to make this a success if done right! Just don't rehash things too much. If we can give the audience something fun and fresh along with the presence of Mr. Bacon, this could completely reinvigorate the franchise!

CHARACTERS: Okay, we already have Bacon as Freddy. For Marge, we need an actress that can play a young secretary and then a bit more mature mom. So, it's a tough balance of youth and maturity, but I think Kate Beckinsale could pull it off. And how cool would Kiefer Sutherland be as Lt. Donald? For Nancy, Rod, Glenn, and Tina, I say go with whatever young up-and-comers Hollywood is offering.

CONCLUSION: The Baconator as Freddy in his own brand new origin story that still pays homage to Wes Craven's 1984 original, while offering up a very different kind of twist?! I think it's a safe bet that this thing will be way more successful than the 2010 remake! I do feel it is important to give us a burn-free look at Mr. Bacon in the beginning origin so as to truly sell him in the new role. He definitely has the chops to make Freddy scary again!

And here we go! What do you think of this new, Bacon-infused chapter in the Elm Street series? Is the new take on the story something you'd slice into? Or is it overkill and messes too much with Freddy's legacy? Don't be a little bitch, please blast them bullets below! And if you have any ideas that you think should be made into horror reality, let me know at [email protected].

necessary evil arrow in the head joblo.com horror movie freddy krueger kevin bacon a nightmare on elm street dream killer

Extra Tidbit: If not Kevin Bacon (or Robert England), who else do you think could do Freddy justice?

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