Neill Blomkamp says District 10 is still going to be made

Neill Blomkamp has been killing it with his new short films from Oats Studios. RAKKA was cool, FIREBASE was awesome, and ZYGOTE has one of the coolest alien creatures since THE THING and/or ALIEN. But Blomkamp is still working on feature films mind you.

Recently the director sat down with LRM online and gave updates on not only his new film THE GONE WORLD, but also told the site he still has plans set to make a sequel to his breakout hit DISTRICT 9.

Neill Blomkamp on upcoming films:

District 10 is still going to be made for sure. I would love to make that film for several reasons. There’s another film at Fox that I’m working on at the moment called The Gone World, which I love. I totally want to make those. The thing, outside of Oats that you get with those films, is you’ll get a massive hundred million dollar canvas to take the audience on that journey. That’s the positive that comes with big studio filmmaking. I’m not walking away from that. I’m still creating something based on creativity, passion, and freedom.

So there you have it, Blomkamp still 100% plans to make DISTRICT 10 a reality. Does this news excite you or are you still upset that his planned ALIEN 5 flick was given the boot? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram!


The Gone World is based off a sci-fi novel by Thomas Sweterlitsch. The story follows Shannon Moss, an investigator with the Naval Criminal Investigative Service in 1997, assigned to solve the murder of a Navy SEAL’s family and to locate his missing teenage daughter. She soon discovered the soldier was an astronaut on the U.S.S. Libra, a ship lost to the currents of Deep Time. Moss has to travel ahead in time to possible versions of the future to crack the present-day case.

You can watch Blomkamp's three available Oats Studios short films below. Enjoy!

Extra Tidbit: Which would you rather see, ALIEN 5 or DISTRICT 10?
Source: LRM



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