New image from Kevin Greutert's Jessabelle, hauting theaters in August

News on Lionsgate's upcoming haunter JESSABELLE has been slow in coming, with our last bit of news on the film hitting way back in September of last year when we learned that the film formerly known by the rather generic titled GHOSTS had been bumped from its early January 2014 release to August 29. Now we've received word that a trailer for the long-awaited flick will be heading our way later this week, but we've already gotten a new image from the film to scare you from bathing until we reveal that trailer.

Yahoo! Movies gives us the first official photo from this summer's scary movie JESSABELLE, and it might not be safe to go back in the bathwater. It's the latest horror flick from producer Jason Blum, the man behind monster hits like PARANORMAL ACTIVITY, INSIDIOUS, and THE PURGE.

Directed by Kevin Greutert with a script by Robert Ben Garant, the film stars Sarah Snook, Mark Webber and Joelle Carter.

After losing her fiancé in a horrific accident, Jessabelle is forced to recuperate at her father’s ruined Louisiana mansion, where she discovers a strange gift from her long-dead mother, and a terrifying presence determined to destroy her.

Look for JESSABELLE to haunt us on August 29.

Extra Tidbit: Does JESSABELLE sound like the kinda flick that could scare up some big box office returns this summer?
Source: Yahoo!



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