New Nailbiter pics

A long time ago, I told you guys about one interesting-sounding little horror indie entitled NAILBITER. Back then, the flick's director, Patrick Rea, was hoping to raise a little more money to help complete production. Well, as of now, it looks like the man got his cash.

Up top and below you'll find two new images from the flick. You'll find a whole lot more (mostly BTS) at its official website right here. What you'll notice right away about the pics I've posted is that everyone's looking up. Wait till you hear why. Here's the plot:

A mother and three daughters in a Kansas town must contend with not only a tornado, but attack by monsters with some strangely sharp incisors.

I just think that synopsis is packing some major fun potential. Girls vs. monsters just seems to bode well in horror. Said girls are played by Erin McGrane, Meg Saricks, Emily Boresow, and Sally Spurgeon. I do hope we get ourselves a release date or trailer soon.

Extra Tidbit: I heard that biting your nails is a good way to get diseases, but I'm sure this movie has nothing to do with that.
Source: Official site



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