Nightbeasts secures international distribution with Wonderphil Production

Whoa! We haven’t heard much about NIGHTBEASTS for some time, in fact we shared the trailer way back in August of 2010 and that was the last!

Well the film is about to get back on the radar as it has just inked a deal with Wonderphil Productions who will distribute the film internationally. It is expected to get released theatrically, on DVD, VOD and TV, we aren’t sure which places will get it theatrically but hopefully quite a few of them.

The downside is that the film still does not have local distribution, but perhaps with this deal made there might be a light at the end of the tunnel. I wish the team behind this film the best of luck and I hope it has successful releases!

Synopsis: Charles (Zack Galligan) has been "clean" for several months and he has a great desire to reuinite with his estranged son and to piece together the fragments of his life. Charles decides to take this suburban youth on a weekend hunting trip in the mountains, just like the trips his father used to take him on. Charles hopes that this will be a bonding experience and that the hike will repair some of the damage inflicted on their relationship due to the recent divorce.

What neither Charles nor Tim realizes is that there are horrors of another kind waiting for them in the nearby woods. In the mountain community that Charles has decided to camp in, an ancient horror lurks! The legend of the Sasquatch surfaces from the darkness of the woods and both Charles and Tim must fight for their lives, or become victims to this horrific native curse.

Reacquaint yourself with the trailer below!

Extra Tidbit: What do you think of NIGHTBEASTS? Looks pretty rad if you ask me!
Source: AITH



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