Old Boy director Chan-wook Park lines up remake of French film The Ax

How about a dark comedy, Chan-wook Park style!

That's exactly what the OLD BOY director has lined up with the remake of THE AX (LE COUPERET), Costa-Gavras‘ 2005 French film about an insecure chemist that decides to butcher his competition. Of course, Park is still hard at work on his English language debut with STOKER, starring Nicole Kidman and Mia Wasikowska (below). Who knows when he'll finally lift THE AX?!?

Speaking of, here's the synopsis for LE COUPERET:

Bruno Davert, a chemist working for a paper company, is fired. After three years he's still unemployed, too much competition for the few job position he could fit in his sector. He sent tons of resumes, he attended many qualifying courses, he tried everything but there is nothing to do: no job for him in the industry. The only healthy company in the sector is "Arcadia", but joining it is just an impossible dream. At this point Bruno is desperate. What he could do: to kill all the competitors? Could he?

Sounds like Park can have a lot of fun with this setup. Word is he's currently getting the cast in order, as well as other investors interested in the material. My guess is it'll be worth the wait, it's Chan-motherfucking-wook Park!

Extra Tidbit: Have you seen LE COUPERET? Will Park do well with the source material?
Source: The Film Stage



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