On-Set Cinema: Watch your favorite horror films where they were filmed

In what has got to be the coolest screening series I've heard of since "Watch JAWS on the water", today we've learned that a new film series is on the way called ON-SET CINEMA. The screening series will showcase movies at their actual filming locations! It will be films & TV shows from all genres, but mainly horror.

This news comes straight from Kenny Caperton, owner of The Myers House NC, which is a life-size replica of the infamous Michael Myers house from John Carpenter’s HALLOWEEN. In fact, I thought the screening series was so badass that Caperton and I talked about it for a bit and we got an exclusive quote from the man himself.

Kenny Caperton:

I think fellow fans are going to love it. It's a total passion project that I've been wanting to do for a long time. All screenings are free or the money goes towards helping out the filming location.

You can check out the current list of films - and their locations - set for screenings along with some slick-ass art below. After that make sure to hit us up and let us know which film you'd love to see and in which locations(s) in the comments below or on social media!

Upcoming Screenings:

Empire Records (Wilmington, NC) Saturday, June 9, 2018

I Know What You Did Last Summer (Burgaw, NC) Saturday, July 7, 2018 

The Strangers (Florence, SC) Saturday, August 18, 2018 

The Mutilator (Atlantic Beach, NC) Saturday, September 22, 2018: 

Final Exam (Gaffney, SC) December 2018 (Date TBA): 

More coming soon!

ON-SET CINEMA rundown:

Imagine your favorite movie of all time. Do you remember how it felt when you first saw it? Maybe you were a child or possibly a teenager in high school. Did you watch it with your best friend or on a first date? Remember when your heart skipped a beat when the killer jumped out from behind the door? Or when you heard that theme music for the first time? Each time you rewatch that movie you are somehow transported back to the first time.

When you're a true fan of something, you want to be surrounded by it and live in it if you could. We all know there's only so close you can get to a movie when you're watching it from home on the couch. But what if it was possible to get closer? What if you could step into the screen for a moment? Introducing On Set Cinema, an exciting way for true fans to experience the films and shows they love: up close, in person, and at the filming locations where they were shot!

On Set Cinema is the brainchild of Kenny Caperton. Growing up in the 80s & 90s, like most kids at the time, he spent Friday nights wandering the aisles of local video stores with friends or at home eating junk food while watching late night cable television. Caperton has always been fascinated by movies, but his love runs much deeper than the average person. He has assimilated his passion for cinema into real life - for almost 20 years Caperton has been taking "vacation" trips all over the US & Canada to visit filming locations from his favorite movies and TV shows: The Shining, Empire Records, It Follows, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre, The Goonies, Scream, Dawson's Creek, Scott Pilgrim VS The World, Stranger Things ... the list goes on and on. He even made a full-length feature film that got worldwide distribution without taking a single filmmaking class. Caperton took everything to an entirely new level in 2008 when he decided to build and live in a life-size replica of the infamous Michael Myers' house from his favorite movie of all time - John Carpenter's 1978 horror classic, Halloween.

Kenny truly understands what it means to immerse oneself in something they love and has integrated this into his daily life. Now he wants to share that experience with other fans through On Set Cinema!

For more info you can visit On-SetCinema.com

Extra Tidbit: If I could watch SCREAM in either Stu Macher or Casey Becker's house I would f*cking die.
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