Paranormal Activity is becoming a virtual reality game!


If you thought the end of PARANORMAL ACTIVITY was nigh, think again. There's going to be plenty of paranormal activity to go around.

VRWERX, a division of Beast Media Group dedicated to virtual reality content, is announcing a Paranormal Activity VR video game to be released in 2016 for all major head-mounted displays including HTC Vive, Sony’s Project Morpheus, Oculus Rift; PC; mobile; and consoles, including Xbox One and PlayStation4.

Details on the game aren't available yet, nor is a precise release date. This is a pretty nifty way to expand upon the PA name; the next film, PARANORMAL ACTIVITY: THE GHOST DIMENSION, could well be the last.

"Paranormal Activity is the perfect property for VRWERX. This franchise represents a huge audience that loves visceral, unbridled terror, which we intend to intensify through the incredible immersion that only virtual reality enables,” said Russell Naftal, Beast Media Group Co-Managing Partner. “Our goal is for the Paranormal Activity VR video game to not only be the scariest game you’ve ever played, but the scariest experience you’ve ever had!”

The movies aren't very scary anymore, so perhaps this really is the way to go for the franchise.


Extra Tidbit: Would you play a Paranormal Activity virtual reality game?



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