Paranormal Activity producers working on Latino-themed supernatural flick

Paramount Pictures, high on the success of its micro-budget wonders THE DEVIL INSIDE and the PARANORMAL ACTIVITY movies, is once again delving into the low-budget supernatural world with a film that's said to be a "cousin" to the PA flicks...

The studio is collaborating with their PARANORMAL producers Oren Peli and Jason Blum (both pictured) on a "Latino-themed" supernatural thriller, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Christopher Landon (screenwriter of PA 2 and 3) will write and direct the project, which doesn't have a title or cast as of yet.

As mentioned above, the studio views this as a “cousin” to the PARANORMAL movies, though it's not a sequel, reboot or spinoff. Most likely it's just playing with similar themes and utilizing the found footage format. It will star a Latino cast and tackle Catholic-based paranormal mythology; it will be an English-language production.

As the Latino community is a big market for genre films, this is a shrewd move by Paramount; they no doubt expect to print their own money with this project, which will likely cost them under $10 million and make that back and much more on opening weekend. As The Hollywood Reporter tells it, "the Latino population in the U.S. sees movies at a higher rate than non-Latinos, and because they are heavily Catholic, religious-themed horror movies tend to play well in heavily Latino markets. "

Paramount might be able to get the film ready for an early January release date similar to the one that made DEVIL INSIDE such an unexpected hit (although the next TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE installment currently sits in the first weekend of 2013). As there are no further details available, we'll just have to wait and see...

DEVIL INSIDE hottie Fernanda Andrade

Extra Tidbit: THE DEVIL INSIDE has made $99 million worldwide; its budget was $1 million.
Source: THR



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