Paranormal found footage flick Documenting the Grey Man comes home this July; trailer is here

Another local legend is getting his found-footage due in DOCUMENTING THE GREY MAN, which tells the tale of a group of actors intent on faking a ghost hunting expedition about the famous Grey Man of Pawley’s Island, South Carolina. Their plan would be to show how the hysteria surrounding ghost stories could be exploited. "What they encountered is the stuff legends are made of." (Obviously, they found the guy who designed the LAST EXORCISM posters.)

Directed by Wayne Capps and produced by Matt Slechter, the film is scheduled to hit DVD on JULY 17th. Here's the official synopsis: On Monday, September 10 2007, police officers were called to investigate possible multiple homicides at a historic Pawley’s Island, SC home. Investigators arrived to find what looked like documentary film equipment. Five members of a ghost-hunting expedition were also missing.

Documenting the Grey Man is a hair-raising paranormal found-footage investigation by a group of avaricious actors determined to exploit a family claiming to be haunted by a ghost.

What they encounter will terrify you.

Among the special features on the DVD will be DOCUMENTING THE GREY MAN featurette and something called the "trailer vault."

Extra Tidbit: What do you think? Will DOCUMENTING THE GREY MAN stand out from the pack? Or is it more of the same?
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