Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan's Monstropolis set up at ABC

Prolific genre screenwriters Patrick Melton and Marcus Dunstan are preparing to go into production on the franchise recalibration HALLOWEEN RETURNS (which Dunstan will also direct) later this year, but they've got other plates spinning at the same time, including projects at CBS Films (SCARY STORIES TO TELL IN THE DARK) and Disney (the Boogeyman story THE STUFF OF LEGEND). 

Add another project to the list: the duo have, with executive producer Aaron Kaplan, put together an idea for a monster drama television show called MONSTROPOLIS. ABC has come out the victor of the bidding war for the project, giving its creators a "put pilot" commitment. A deal like that basically guarantees that at least the pilot episode of the show will make it on air; if the pilot isn't broadcast, the network would face financial penalties.


monsters are real, living amongst the humans in the city of New Manhattan (aka Monstropolis).  But now someone is killing monsters, and it is up to one disgraced detective to stop the killer... or become the next victim.

A show that promises to put monsters on TV weekly is a show I can get behind. I can't stand watching the average network police procedural, but work creatures into the mix and it could be entertaining.

Jenny Wade and friend from the Melton/Dunstan-scripted FEAST

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Source: Deadline



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