Peep the poster & trailer for UFO, starring Jean-Claude Van Damme

Van Damage squaring off with a UFO? Oh good god yes!!!

No lie folks, JCVD will appear in a new U.K. indie flick called UFO, which is directed by Dominic Burns. The flick isn't likely to hit until 2013 sometime, but until we know exactly when, feel free to cop a peek at the trailer and poster we have via Hey You Guys.

Also starring Biance Bree (Van Damme's daughter) Sean Brosnan, Julian Glover, Simon Phillips, Sean Pertwee, Andrew Shim, Jazz Lintott, Peter Barratt, Forbes KB and Maya Grant:

It started with a blackout, all power and communications down. Hours later city sized UFO’s invade the world’s skies. Then the war began…Five friends attempt to navigate their way to survival amidst deteriorating chaos as the world descends into terror and anarchy during an alien invasion and interstellar war.

Who knows how prominent a role the muscles will play, but it's cool, he's supporting is thespian daughter. Now all we need's a legit release date.

Extra Tidbit: Stay tuned for more JCVD news...
Source: Hey You Guys



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