Pirate Radio helmer Richard Curtis says About Time with low-budget time-travel flick

Famed British scribe Richard Curtis (above) - who has also directed two features (LOVE ACTUALLY and PIRATE RADIO) - is set to direct a low-budget time-travel flick this summer called ABOUT TIME. Details are still scant, but it does sound like it could be a worthy follow here at AITH.

ABOUT TIME, a Working Title production, is currently in the preproduction stage with casting underway. Curtis is hot off of writing WAR HORSE for Spielberg, so again getting the chance to direct his own script, on a much smaller scale, will surely be challenging and rewarding. I've seen and loved PIRATE RADIO, though have cautiously strayed from the schmaltz LOVE ACTUALLY is said to boast. That said, it's the British rom-coms Curtis is known for, having written such fare as NOTTING HILL, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, BRIDGET JONES' DIARY, etc. etc.

As for the skeptics who think this may just be a weak IN TIME rip-off, it seems pretty clear Curtis wrote ABOUT TIME some time ago. That said, given flicks like LOOPER, TOTAL RECALL, GRAVITY, etc...it seems time-travel flicks are on the comeback...perhaps overly so. You diggin' the return of the sci-fi subgenre or are you, like the insipid vampire craze, all but over it?

PIRATE RADIO stunner Talulah Riley

Extra Tidbit: Curtis is good friends with Rowan Akinson, having done many BEAN spots and "Black Adder" episodes.
Source: THR



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