Platinum Dunes teams with Tyler Perry for Fatal Attraction-esque thriller

Fatal Attraction Michael Douglas Glenn Close

Paramount Pictures has made a six figure deal to acquire a thriller spec script written by Ryan Belenzon and Jeffrey Gelber, and this project is going to be brought to the screen by an interesting combination of producers. Michael Bay's company Platinum Dunes, which has been knocking out genre projects ever since the TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE remake in 2003 and was recently behind A QUIET PLACE, is teaming up with Tyler Perry to produce this one.

Perry is, of course, the highly prolific and successful writer/director/producer behind the Madea movies and multiple television series. His focus tends to be on family comedy and drama, although he has entered thriller territory as an actor, taking a role in GONE GIRL and replacing Morgan Freeman as the titular character in ALEX CROSS.

No details on Belenzon and Gelber's script have been revealed beyond the fact that it's called I AM YOURS and "has a FATAL ATTRACTION-like stalker vibe".

Well, there's always room in the entertainment world for more FATAL ATTRACTION-like stalker movies, as is proven by the fact that they make new ones on a regular basis. The title I AM YOURS makes me think of the recent Netflix stalker movie YOU GET ME.

Bay's producing partners at Platinum Dunes are Brad Fuller and Andrew Form. We'll keep you updated on I AM YOURS as more information is made available.

Extra Tidbit: Are you a fan of FATAL ATTRACTION type stalker movies?
Source: Deadline



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