Podcast! The Arrow in the Head Horror in Summer 2014 preview!

Hey all! Although summer usually means big blockbusters, there's also some fine Horror, edgy Thrillers or hardcore Sci-Fi that usually seeps in. So Eric Walkuski, Kevin Woods and myself (who dropped the F bomb every 3 words, damn I cuss a lot, you don't realize it until you hear it) all got together, cracked opened some brews and talked Horror in Summer of 2014!

You can expect our pros and cons on films like Godzilla, Edge of Tomorrow, The Sacrament, The Rover, Snowpiercer, Deliver us from Evil (with howl impression in tow), Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, The Purge 2, The Green Inferno, As Above So Below and more! We even sidetracked and yapped The Expendables 3, the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles flick (thanks for bringing that one up Eric), had a Paranormal Activity war and debated the merits of Blumhouse! So get yourself a cold one, sit back and enjoy our little Horror in Summer 2014 chit-chat session!

Extra Tidbit: So what summer genre flick are you looking forward to the most?



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