Pontypool author's new tale, Ejecta, wraps production in Canada

Did you find yourself humming to the odd tune of PONTYPOOL? Then you'll definitely nod along to this beat: The creator of that particularly weird tale, Tony Burgess, has conjured up a few new crazy stories that will be produced by a Canadian outfit called Foresight Features. Check it out:

Following up on the heels of their award-winning 2011 films MONSTER BRAWL and EXIT HUMANITY, independent Canadian film studio Foresight Features have teamed up with celebrated author Tony Burgess in a deal that includes three exciting genre projects produced in 2012, and set to premiere and release worldwide in 2013.

The first film in this all-Canuck collaboration is the gripping sci-fi chiller EJECTA, directed by Foresight filmmaker Matt Wiele from a script by Burgess, which wrapped production in mid-May 2012. The company is also teaming up with Burgess for a gothic horror-throwback directed by John Geddes (Exit Humanity) set for production in July, and a survival horror nightmare directed by Jesse Thomas Cook (Monster Brawl) that goes to camera in September. Foresight owners Cook, Geddes and Wiele will executive produce the three film slate with fellow-filmmakers Cody Calahan and Chad Archibald (Neverlost) on board as producers.

Tony Burgess is the author of "Pontypool Changes Everything," which he adapted into a script for Bruce McDonald's cult masterpiece PONTYPOOL in 2008. He has been developing Pontypool II with McDonald, which was recently selected as one of Fantasia International Film Festival's Frontieres Co-Production Market projects. Last year he released the book People Live Still at Cashtown Corners, published by Chizine. And his latest book Idaho Winter was nominated for the Trillium award, Ontario's most prestigious writing accolade.

The first of these films is EJECTA, and stars Julian Richings, from such cult classics as Cube and Hard Core Logo, alongside newcomer Adam Seybold, who delivered a standout performance in Exit Humanity, and marks the directorial debut of Foresight producer Matt Wiele.

EJECTA is the terrifying story of two men whose lives cross paths on a fateful night during a solar storm. A terrifying presence besieges the men on a remote farm triggering an intense struggle to survive the night. During the attack the men discover a truth that will change the way we look at the universe.

Extra Tidbit: There's a PONTYPOOL 2 in the works as well.
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