Project X youngster Jonathan Daniel Brown joins that Ken Marino horror/comedy Milo

I've told you guys about Jacob Vaughan's horror comedy MILO before. I've also expressed how excited I am to see funnyman Ken Marino headline a horror/comedy like MILO. With Marino's talent it's a surprise he hasn't been starring in comedies already - now we get him in a horror/comedy? Nice!

But I'm not here today to talk about Marino. No, no. Instead we've got another name joining the project. According to The Hollywood Reporter's Heat Vision blog one of the star's of that indie party flick PROJECT X has just signed on to join Marino and company in MILO! His name? Jonathan Daniel Brown. According to the site Brown (right) will play an intern who works for Marino's character.

MILO follows Duncan (played by Marino), an incredibly stressed man who is plagued with vicious stomach troubles. We’re told that Duncan actually has a demon living inside his intestines, a demon who wreaks havoc internally until Duncan, during a therapy session, gives it permission to come out. Highsmith, Duncan’s shrink, explains that the demon is the personification of his anxiety. He’s advised to embrace his inner demon and thus names it Milo…

Along with Marino and Brown the flick is also set to star Gillian Jacobs, Judy Greer and Peter Stormare. Sign me up! Adele Romanski, Gabriel Cowan, John Suits will all produce the flick alongside Jay and Mark Duplass. Vaughan also co-wrote the film with Benjamin Hayes.

Now considering this thing started filming last month in Los Angeles more updates on MILO should be rolling our way soon. When they do we'll be right here to tell you all about them.

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Extra Tidbit: Brown will also be starring in John Stockwell's drug drama KID CANNIBIS.
Source: THR



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