Puppet Master: Axis Termination to stream in 3 parts in September

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A few years ago, Full Moon released a replica doll called "ReAnimation Blade", which was the iconic killer puppet Blade with his hook hand replaced by a syringe filled with a glowing green serum. It was said that this iteration of Blade would be playing a role in a PUPPET MASTER web series, but that web series never went into production.

When a new PUPPET MASTER sequel, PUPPET MASTER: AXIS TERMINATION, was shot last year, images from the film revealed that the syringe-handed "ReAnimation Blade" would actually be in this movie.

As it turns out, AXIS TERMINATION isn't just a feature film, but will also serve as the web series that was teased long ago. Full Moon has announced that they will be releasing the movie on their streaming service in three parts, with the first episode, "War Toys", set to arrive online on September 15th.

Full Moon founder Charles Band, who also directed AXIS TERMINATION, has said that the episodes will be coming out weekly, so you can expect to see episode two on September 22nd and the conclusion on September 29th.

The end of the World War II era trilogy that began with 2010's PUPPET MASTER: AXIS OF EVIL and continued with 2012's PUPPET MASTER X: AXIS RISING, AXIS TERMINATION tells the following story: 

To stop the Nazi war machine from winning World War II and affecting the outcome of the free world, BLADE, JESTER, PINHEAD and the rest of the indestructible Toulon puppets join forces with the masters of psychic powers! 

AXIS TERMINATION is the eleventh film in Full Moon's PUPPET MASTER franchise and the twelfth PUPPET MASTER film overall, counting PUPPET MASTER VS. DEMONIC TOYS (which was produced by SciFi).

The Full Moon streaming service can be accessed at FullMoonStreaming.com. The company also has an Amazon Prime channel that can be reached through FullMoonAmazon.com.

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