Raffaele Ienco's Epic Kill & Devoid of Life head to big-screen via Content House

So who's a fan of Raffaele Ienco's twisted comic books? You think his work will translate well to the big-screen?

I certainly hope so. Not that because I'm familiar with Ienco, because I'm not, but because the two works of his being adapted, if done well, sound like a badass time to be had. You see, Content House has put both EPIC KILL and DEVOID OF LIFE into live-action film production. The former, from Image Comics, hits shelves this May. The latter, a graphic novel also from Image, came out in 2008.

EPIC KILL is centered on hit-men and mercenaries sent to bring down an 18-year-old female super assassin avenging her parents' deaths. The project has drawn comparisons to KILL BILL and THE BOURNE IDENTITY.

Nothing wrong with a hyper-violent revenge tale...we're all about them around here. However, DEVOID OF LIFE sounds like it's even more tailor-made for us horror-heads.

With Melinda Hsu Taylor adapting the script:

DEVOID OF LIFE takes place following the discovery of a hidden planet in our solar system with a series of horrible deaths occurring at an observatory, leading investigators to an alien plot that threatens all life on Earth by a guard of unstoppable ghostly alien creatures.

Yup, that's the one I'm all about, right there. Hidden planets, horrible deaths, ghostly alien creatures...what's not to dig about all that madness? Again, I'm completely ignorant regarding the source material...maybe you have more light to shed on both of these projects. Well, at least DEVOID OF LIFE, EPIC KILL isn't even out yet.

To the initiated, what ya got?!?

The Bride!

Extra Tidbit: Which sounds cooler: EPIC KILL or DEVOID OF LIFE?
Source: Variety



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