Ridley Scott and screenwriter Damon Lindelof talk Prometheus ending and sequel (spoilers)

Sometimes bringing you the news can be a painful ordeal. You see, for reasons I won't bore you with, I'm not going to see PROMETHEUS until late July. Meaning - I can forget about going in spoiler-free. Still, hopefully most of you have already had the chance to check it out and are ready for some in-depth talk regarding the movie's plot and how it sets up a possible sequel. And that's exactly what screenwriter Damon Lindelof and the man himself, Ridley Scott, have been talking about in their recent interviews for TIME and The Hollywood Reporter. Head on down to read some notable excerpts. Keep in mind, there are massive spoilers ahead, so if you haven't seen PROMETHEUS yet, be sure to do so beforehand.

Here's what Lindelof told TIME, when asked where the two characters at the end of the movie will head to next:

"I think they’re going where she wants to go. His fundamental programming has been scrapped. Weyland [the man who built and programmed him] is dead and so now his programming is coming from God knows where. Is he being programmed by Elizabeth, or is it his own internal curiosity now that Weyland isn’t telling him what to do any more? He’s always been interested in Elizabeth, remember that: He’s watching her dreams when she’s sleeping in much the same way that he watches Lawrence of Arabia. He’s a strange robot that has a curious crush on a human being, and when Weyland is eliminated, I think he is genuinely interested in what she’s interested in. He reaches out partly for survival, but partly out of curiosity, and I think he’s sincere that he’ll take her wherever she wants to go."

Ridley Scott seems very eager to explore their next destination. While speaking with The Hollywood Reporter, he makes it clear that a sequel has been planned from day one:

"From the very beginning, I was working from a premise that lent itself to a sequel. I really don't want to meet God in the first one. I want to leave it open to [Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace)] saying, 'I don't want to go back to where I came from. I want to go where they came from.'"

"Because [the Engineers] are such aggressive f*ckers, I always had it in there that the God-like creature that you will see actually is not so nice, and is certainly not God. I'd love to explore where the [Dr. Shaw] goes next and what does she do when she gets there, because if it is paradise, paradise can not be what you think it is. Paradise has a connotation of being extremely sinister and ominous."

Lindelof had this to add in regards to a possible sequel:

"[Prometheus] has two children: One of these children grows up to be 'Alien,' but the other child is going to grow up, and God knows what happens to them. And that's what the sequel to 'Prometheus' would be."

Summing up, I'd be surprised if we wouldn't be getting a PROMETHEUS sequel somewhere down the line.

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