Ridley Scott says Alien: Covenant will scare the living sh*t out of people

We are a little less than one month away from the release of ALIEN: COVENANT, Ridley Scott's new film set within the ALIEN franchise. Today we have a really cool video to share with you guys.

It's called ALIEN: COVENANT "The Next Chapter" and features director Ridley Scott talking us through the new film, and how it connects to PROMETHEUS and ALIEN.

Cooler still is when Scott talks about his philosophies on creating fear and dread.

Ridley Scott:

"The trick is to have the sense of unease, leading to a threat. It's got everything you want in an Alien film. It will scare the living shit out of people."

Nice! I hope it does. I loved PROMETHEUS and everything, but I'll admit, one of the major things that film was missing was fear, or as Scott puts it, the ability to "scare the living sh*t out of people." Sure it was freaky in a body-horror sort of way, but nothing as scary and panic-inducing as the original ALIEN.

Here's hoping the next chapter really is as scary as Ridley Scott says. We'll find out soon as ALIEN: COVENANT opens nationwide on May 19th. Until then you can watch the full "The Next Chapter" video below.


Let's not forget Callie Hernandez co-stars in ALIEN: COVENANT

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