Ringu director brings out the Monsterz

Nakata Hideo is the brains behind a couple of horror flicks that you guys outta be very familiar with as he dished out both RINGU and DARK WATER. Now, Hideo is back with a remake of the 2010 Korean film HAUNTERS which has been given the new title of MONSTERZ and it will star BATTLE ROYALE's Fujiwara Tatsuya, as well as Takayuki Yamada and Satomi Ishihara.

Here's a short description of the flick:

The story pitches together a psychic with supernatural powers, and the ability to control other people’s minds, against the one man who is able to resist him.

We got our hands on the film's teaser trailer and it doesn't look half bad! I can't understand a damn thing that's being said in it, but there are some cool looking visuals as well as some supernatural shenanigans on display. Take a look for yourselves below, and also take a peek at the film's poster!

Extra Tidbit: Are you going to check out MONSTERZ?



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