Robert Englund on Freddy vs Jason vs Ash and who he wanted to win

I am a horror movie fan. This means I am a NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET fan, as well as a FRIDAY THE 13TH and THE EVIL DEAD fan. These three flicks are parts of a select number of film-series that all horror fans bow down to worship. I was like Wayne and Garth (too old of a reference? Never) bowing down to the horror gods when we finally got to see FREDDY VS JASON back in 2003. I thought that sh*t was never going to happen.

Then we got nothing on the FREDDY VS JASON front ever after that. No FREDDY VS JASON 2. Nothing. Zip. There were rumors for a bit that there was going to be a FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH flick, but that never came to bloody life.

As you may remember recently I shared a video of Robert Englund at the Emerald City Comic Con where he said that the WISHMASTER films deserved more respect. Well that video is turning out to be the provider for a plethora of news as in the same video he also goes on to talk about what happened with the planned FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH film.

And who he would have liked to see win...

Robert Englund on FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH

I am very disappointed. We left some money on the table, as they say in Hollywood, right after the great success of Freddy vs. Jason. Sam Raimi was the king of the world; he had all the money in the world because of Spider-Man. I’m a huge fan of Sam’s and I’m a big fan of Bruce Campbell. They had this idea, Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash. Now we’re in what we call post-Deadpool, post-Guardians of the Galaxy perception; but back then we hadn’t had that kind of a film yet, with the exception of Evil Dead and Freddy vs. Jason, that were really mashing graphic novel and comedy and horror and science fiction. So I loved this idea.

Sam Raimi wanted Ash to win. He wanted him to win the match. Which I thought was a great idea. New Line Cinema was against it because I had just had my ass kicked by Jason; they were afraid, cause I was the most successful of the three franchises, they were afraid. ‘We can’t have Freddy killed twice in a row.’ And I was like, ‘Wait a minute, guys. You revived me, you resurrected me with dog urine! It’s real easy to bring Freddy back. Come on. That’s not that hard to do.

But anyway. I loved the idea. I had this vision of the poster. Bruce Campbell with his shirt open and all of his abs spray painted and highlighted, with Freddy Krueger under [one] arm and Jason under [the other] arm. And the poster would say: ‘Freddy vs. Jason vs. Ash: Keeping the world safe from sequels.’

Keeping the World Safe from Sequels. That shite is f*cking classic. Too bad the film will (likely) never see the light of day... You can watch the entire interview yourself below. And if by some miracle of hell we ever get any further information on a FREDDY VS JASON VS ASH film, I will let you know about that shite asap!

Extra Tidbit: Who wins in a fight: Freddy, Jason, or Ash?
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