Ryan Reynolds producing The Patient Who Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine

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First published three years ago as The Patient That Nearly Drove Me Out of Medicine (that's the one to search for if you want to look it up) in the reddit community r/nosleep, which is described as "a place for realistic horror stories", author Jasper DeWitt's novella THE PATIENT WHO NEARLY DROVE ME OUT OF MEDICINE has been the subject of a bidding war among several studios and production companies. Twentieth Century Fox and New Regency teamed up to come out the winners in that situation - and now major names are attached to produce the cinematic adaptation.

Roy Lee and Jon Berg of Vertigo Entertainment, the company behind last year's IT, are going to be producing the film alongside Ryan Reynolds (pictured above in LIFE) and his company Maximum Effort.

As of right now, Reynolds has not signed on to act in the film. A director has not yet been hired and there is no cast in place.

THE PATIENT WHO NEARLY DROVE ME OUT OF MEDICINE is a supernatural horror story that follows 

an idealistic young doctor who tries to solve a mystery and heal its most difficult patient.

Jeremy Kramer is overseeing the project for Fox, while Natalie Lehmann handles the New Regency side of things, George Dewey and Patrick Gooing supervise for Maximum Effort, and Liya Gao manages for Vertigo.

I haven't read DeWitt's novella, but this sounds like a project worth keeping an eye on. It will be interesting to see if the film actually ends up being released under the title THE PATIENT WHO NEARLY DROVE ME OUT OF MEDICINE. That's a fine title for a novella, but not so alluring for a movie.

Source: Variety



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