Ryan Reynolds teams with Atom Egoyan for psychological kidnap thriller Queen of the City

Of course he's QUEEN OF THE CITY, didn't you see Green Lantern's tights?!?

Dumb joke aside, Ryan Reynolds is indeed set to star in Entertainment One's new psychological kidnap thriller QUEEN OF THE CITY. Atom Egoyan, currently hard at work on THE DEVIL'S KNOT, will direct from a screenplay he co-wrote with David Fraser.

The gist: Reynolds plays the father of an abducted child. Eight years after she was taken, a series of disturbing clues convince her father that the now 17 year-old girl remains alive. He is determined to find her.

Good enough for me, especially given Egoyan's involvement. Speaking of, here's what Reynolds had to say about working with his fellow Canadian:

“Atom Egoyan is a provocative filmmaker. His films demand that we face what is most complex in our own psyches. Chloe, Felicia’s Journey and The Sweet Hereafter all possess the unique and careful touch of a true artist. I look forward to collaborating with him on this project and having an opportunity to observe his innovative directing style first hand.”

Reciprocating, here's what Egoyan said:

“I’m very excited about working with Ryan. The richness of his performances in such diverse films as Buried, Safe House and romantic fare such as The Proposal is extraordinary.”

One big happy family ay? More like statements written by publicists. Still, if the movie's good, who care if and how the two gents get along. Just give us something dope!

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