Sam Mendes is bringing Victorian monster hunters to the small screen

Deadline is reporting director Sam Mendes will be reteaming with SKYFALL co-writer John Logan to bring a new vampire drama to the small screen. Logan's yet-to-be-titled pilot script, which Mendes is set to produce and possibly direct, is being shopped around to premium cable channels. 

Reports describe the premise as an origin story set in the 1800s London in the vein of The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, which also was set in 19th century Europe, including London, and featured an assortment of fictional literary characters. The Logan/Mendes project features such characters as Van Helsing and Doctor Frankenstein as they hunt for vampires.

If you ask me, this sounds more akin to Alan Moore's LEAGUE funnybooks than the disasterous LXG movie. That's nothing but a good thing. What do you guys think-- would you be down for a Sam Mendes-directed monster hunting, premium cable show? If so, talk back below!

Extra Tidbit: Mendes was formerly married to Kate Winslet, which is a good enough excuse as any to include her picture above.
Source: Deadline



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