Satan's Little Helper - Horror Movie Review (Day 5 of 31) - October Massacre

Satan's Little Helper - Horror Movie Review (Day 5 of 31) - October Massacre
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PLOT: Young Dougie’s favorite video game is Satan’s Little Helper, where the player helps Satan run many an evil deed. On Halloween, Dougie comes across someone dressed in a Satan-esque costume carrying a dead body. Believing that the body is just a realistic dummy, the young boy thinks his favorite video game has come to life! The costumed killer takes a liking to the lad and decides to take him along on his All Hallows Eve killing spree.

REVIEW: Here we have ourselves an absolutely perfect movie to watch during the Halloween season! And if you like your horror with a heaping dose of the blackest of black comedy, then Satan’s Little Helper will be quite the treat! The flick is a prime example of horror on a low budget done right. Characters are actually developed, jokes are skillfully executed, and the scares are delivered with flair.

Another strength the flick has going for it are the strong performances from the cast. It doesn’t hurt that they were able to score the great Amanda Plummer as the little boy’s mother. Her experienced skill must have trickled down to the rest of the actors. Katheryn Winnick is perfect as the little boy’s brother. Not only is she a fine actress, but she is absolutely gorgeous and wears a wonderfully revealing costume. Hell, even the little boy brings just the right amount of innocence to the large role of Dougie. And Satan himself is a highly memorable baddie, bringing the ideal combination of harsh evil and sinister humor. You may even be surprised at some of the heinous acts he is able to pull off with Dougie in tow. The fact that the whole movie is set on Halloween is the perfect cherry atop this sick sundae.

BEST TNA SCENE: We actually get sort of a double treat here. Katheryn Winnick’s body is exquisite, but we never get to see her fully in the buff. However, we fortunately do see the very cute Melisa McGregor baring breasts and butt as she’s stepping out of the shower.

BEST GORE BIT: A very icky and darkly comedic bit with Satan literally ripping a guy’s guts out.

HALLOWEEN DRINKING GAME: Take a shot or drink every time:

The Satan video game is shown.

Katheryn Winnick speaks with an accent.

Katheryn Winnick’s boobs are referenced or touched.



Extra Tidbit: According to imdb, this is Alexander Brickel's (who played Dougie) only live action film role.



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