Saw DP David Armstrong attached to adapt supernatural comic Crawl To Me

Have any of you read or heard about the supernatural comic-book CRAWL TO ME? Well, it's headed to the silver-screen!

Variety is reporting that SAW cinematographer David A. Armstrong is attached to adapt a live-action version of CRAWL TO ME, with a writer currently being sought after. The IDW comic, created by Alan Robert, is currently pressing a second release after selling out in the first week (just this past week, mind you).

Here's the gist:

CRAWL TO ME takes place in an isolated country town during the frigid winter months, centers on a young family as they cope with a series of disturbing events that force them to question their relationship, their faith and their very existence.

Sounds like a chiller in every sense of the word. Now all we need is a capable writer to adapt the script and we're in business. Why doesn't Robert just do it?!?

Interestingly enough, Armstrong shot all of the SAW films, with exception of the last. He's currently in post on his first directorial feature, the Michael Chiklis/Forrest Whitaker action romp PAWN.

ROMP hottie Jessica Szohr

Extra Tidbit: You think CRAWL TO ME will prove a worthy endeavor?
Source: Variety



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