Scope out the awesome Mondo poster for The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan's THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is almost upon us and to celebrate the release of the highly anticipated flick, the team at Mondo released a brand new limited one-sheet by Olly Moss. What's even cooler is that for the first time in Mondo's history, a print will be available to anyone who wants to purchase it. For 24 hours only, beginning at 12:01am CT on Wednesday, July 18, the regular edition of Olly Moss' The Dark Knight Rises will be available for a full 24 hours at MondoTees.com. Scope it out in all its minimalist glory below.

As Mondo Creative Director Justin Ishmael put it: "We've listened to feedback about making prints available to everyone who wants one, and we're excited to be able to offer this one time chance with something as highly coveted as an Olly Moss print for Batman. While we won't change the collectible status of Mondo posters, this timed release is something we'd like to offer as a unique and rare opportunity for any fan to own a Mondo print."

It has been eight years since Batman vanished into the night, turning, in that instant, from hero to fugitive. Assuming the blame for the death of D.A. Harvey Dent, the Dark Knight sacrificed everything for what he and Commissioner Gordon both hoped was the greater good. For a time the lie worked, as criminal activity in Gotham City was crushed under the weight of the anti-crime Dent Act. 

But everything will change with the arrival of a cunning cat burglar with a mysterious agenda. Far more dangerous, however, is the emergence of Bane, a masked terrorist whose ruthless plans for Gotham drive Bruce out of his self-imposed exile. But even if he dons the cape and cowl again, Batman may be no match for Bane.

THE DARK KNIGHT RISES on July 20th, with a cast including Christian Bale, Gary Oldman, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Hardy, Anne Hathaway (below), Michael Caine, Morgan Freeman, Marion Cotillard, Josh Stewart, Matthew Modine and Juno Temple.

Extra Tidbit: Who's up for having this one on their wall?



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