Scope out some vehicles from the upcoming Mad Max: Fury Road

Good news for those of you who are pumped for a new MAD MAX film from the man behind the original series George Miller.

Some vehicles for the new film MAD MAX: FURY ROAD have been spotted, they are off to Africa and have been under tight security. There are apparently dozens of vehicles that include trucks, buggies, army off-road buggies, vehicles resembling the ‘Interceptor’, a Ford XB GT Falcon coupe and who knows what else!

With the vehicles heading to South Africa it would seem this is where the film will shoot and not Australia as originally planned. This was due to natural causes, which made the planned shooting locations not ideal.

The film has had Tom Hardy cast as the lead for quite sometime as well as Charlize Theron as the female lead. We can only hope the film will keep on schedule now, with shooting looking to happen later in the year with a 2013 release being touted.

Extra Tidbit: Star Charlize Theron (above) recently stated that this film would be more of a re-imagining of the series rather than a sequel or prequel.
Source: The Age



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