Scope out the teaser art for backwoods horror flick Deer Crossing

Things have been a little quiet on the front for the backwoods genre flick DEER CROSSING, but I have a feeling we’ll be hearing more about the film soon.

It has some teaser art, which you can scope out below. It includes the front design and the back of the shell art, it looks pretty sweet and I definitely dig the design.

I really hope the film will get more screenings and gain a solid audience; it needs to be picked up. The trailer was quite solid and it really looks like a great indie horror piece. You can keep up with all the news on the film via their Facebook Page.

The film centers around retired police detective Derrick Stanswood, who is called by a successful doctor about an unsolved case involving his wife Maggy and their son, Cole. Chasing after loose ends in a backward rural town, Derrick has no idea that Maggy has been held captive for the past eight years by farmer Lukas Walton, who is raising Cole as his own son in a wrongful world that holds its own horrors.

The epic cast includes Christopher Mann, Laura Lynn Cottrel, K.J. Linhein, Jennifer Butler, Tom Detrik, Doug Bradley and my man Ernie Hudson, it was directed by Christian Jude Grillo.

Extra Tidbit: Do you have any interest in seeing this one?



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