Scott Cooper drops out of The Stand adaptation, now what?

A film adaptation that I'm pretty god damn excited for is Warner Bros.' take on Stephen King's epic novel THE STAND—too bad they can't seem to get their shit together because now the adaptation has lost CRAZY HEART director Scott Cooper (above). If you remember, Cooper was brought on board to replace Ben Affleck, who left the adaptation in order to play some dude that runs around in a cape. From The Wrap, Scott Cooper has fallen off of THE STAND, Warner Bros.’ planned film adaptation of the Stephen King novel, according to two individuals familiar with the project. Why? Apparently it was because of "creative differences", says one of those individuals. Sonofabitch.

So are we ever going to see THE STAND on the big screen? Well, as of right now no replacement has been hired, but because this project has been a priority for Warner Bros. for quite a long time I'm sure they've got a few names in mind. It sucks to see Cooper off the project because he was aiming for a "searingly realistic" approach, but I'm more bummed about the fact that the adaptation has hit yet another snag in the road. It's also worth mentioning that in a recent interview with MTV Cooper said, "it’s a daunting challenge to take a very long and beloved novel and try to condense that to one standalone film". It's surprising that Cooper was aiming to condense the material into a single film considering just how much depth the novel has. Could this be where the "creative differences" came into play? Who knows...

Extra Tidbit: Do you guys think we'll ever see THE STAND on the big screen?
Source: The WrapMTV



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