Scott Speedman joins the cast of Bryan Bertino's There Are Monsters

Scott Speedman, who starred in Bryan Bertino's 2008 directorial debut THE STRANGERS, will be reteaming with Bertino on his latest project, THERE ARE MONSTERS.

Currently filming in Canada, THERE ARE MONSTERS tells the story of 

a mother and daughter who are trapped and tormented by a ruthless creature.

Zoe Kazan (pictured below) plays the part of the mother. She and Speedman are joined in the cast by Aaron Douglas and Ella Ballentine.

A24 is set to distribute THERE ARE MONSTERS in the U.S. sometime in 2016. The film is being produced by William Green and Aaron Ginsburg of Atlas Independent and Adrienne Biddle of Unbroken Pictures, with Sonny Mallhi and Atlas's Richard Suckle serving as executive producers.

Although I still need to see Bertino's second movie, MOCKINGBIRD, I felt that he showed great promise with THE STRANGERS, so I am very interested in following his career. While I continue to wait and hope for THE STRANGERS 2 to get off the ground, THERE ARE MONSTERS sounds like it could be a fun time.

Extra Tidbit: How does THERE ARE MONSTERS sound to you?
Source: THR



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