Scream Factory puts The Thing on Blu for their 4th anniversary

Scream Factory The Thing John Carpenter

The popular cult horror distributor Scream Factory has made something of a name for themselves by releasing a whole score of titles by master of horror John Carpenter, including ESCAPE FROM NEW YORK, THE FOG, and THEY LIVE, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

So it comes at no surprise that, when deciding what to release in celebration of their fourth anniversary, they chose another gem from the Carpenter vault. This September, they'll be bringing us a 2-disc collector's edition of none other than THE THING, Carpenter's 1982 remake of THE THING FROM ANOTHER WORLD. The special features and artwork will be announced shortly.

This release might just be the cornerstone of their Carpenter collection, following their work on the HALLOWEEN box set. Although it might be neat - if inexplicable - to see a pristine, jam-packed release of GHOSTS OF MARS.


In remote Antarctica, a group of American research scientists are disturbed at their base camp by a helicopter shooting at a sled dog. When they take in the dog, it brutally attacks both human beings and canines in the camp and they discover that the beast can assume the shape of its victims. A resourceful helicopter pilot (Kurt Russell) and the camp doctor (Richard Dysart) lead the camp crew in a desperate, gory battle against the vicious creature before it picks them all off, one by one.

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