Scream Factory steps up its slate of Blu-ray releases

If you checked out their collector's editions of HALLOWEEN II or HALLOWEEN III: SEASON OF THE WITCH, you know Scream Factory is giving their all for dedicated genre fans. But when October's slate of releases includes THE FUN HOUSE John Carpenter's THEY LIVE, and TERROR TRAIN, how can you possibly top yourself in the future?

Simple-- by going deeper down the cult horror rabbit hole. We have details and artwork for their next group of titles, which includes Wes Craven's DEADLY BLESSING, the serial killer flick DEATH VALLEY, Michael Caine in THE ISLAND, and the cockroach crunching THE NEST. Both DEATH VALLEY and THE ISLAND have never seen home video releases, while Arrow fave DEADLY BLESSING is getting its region 1 debut. Hooray!

However, what I'm most excited about is THE VIDEO DEAD, a seminal 80s gore fest that Scream Factory will be adding to their library. While no other details have yet been released on the company's plans for the acquistion, the artwork above should give the uninitiated a good idea of what the movie is like.

DEATH VALLEY and THE ISLAND drop December 11 and are now available for pre-order, while DEADLY BLESSING and THE NEST hit shelves January 22nd. Click through the links to secure your copies and stay tuned for further Scream Factory announcements.

Extra Tidbit: What would you like Scream Factory to release on Blu-ray? I want John Carpenter's PRINCE OF DARKNESS.
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