Script draft completed for the next Friday the 13th

Announced as the screenwriter of the next FRIDAY THE 13TH film back in March, Nick Antosca has been writing the further adventures of Jason Voorhees while also fleshing out the life of Hannibal Lecter by writing episodes of, and co-producing, the HANNIBAL TV series. With the final season of HANNIBAL now in full swing, Antosca has taken to his Twitter account to give an update on his F13 script, telling a curious fan:

Turned in draft a few weeks ago, (director David Bruckner) & (producers Platinum Dunes) & I all excited to make a great F13 movie.  Don't know schedule.

Antosca isn't the first writer to turn in a FRIDAY THE 13TH draft in the six years since Platinum Dunes rebooted the franchise in 2009, but as an F13 fan I'm hoping his script will be the one that gets this project rolling into production. Paramount Pictures set FRIDAY THE 13TH for a May 13, 2016 release after it became clear it wasn't going to make any of the three Friday the 13th release date possibilities in 2015. Fingers crossed that it will stay on track for this one.

Following Antosca's social media accounts the last few months has been interesting. Although no details are available on his F13 story, he has made it obvious on his BrotherCyst blog that he is doing his homework. The writer posts monthly "Media Consumption" lists showing every movie he watched during the month, and how many times. There have been a whole lot of FRIDAY THE 13TH movies on there.

Antosca also confirmed, by posting the image below, that the thought of making the movie in found footage style was abandoned.

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Source: TwitterBrotherCyst



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